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Come visit us at 195 S State street in Lindon for a free session or to meet one of our instructors. We always encourage walk-ins and visitors are welcome!

Phone : 801-400-3616
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About Fat Snake

How should I dress for a class?

If you have a gi, feel free to bring it to class.  If you do not own a gi, come in comfortable athletic clothing (longer pants and sleeves may feel better when on the mat).  We do not wear wrestling shoes on the mat and remember to remove jewelry before jumping on the mat with us.

What are the belt colors in Jiu Jitsu?






The earliest a blue belt is earned is at age 16. Kids have the following extra belts between white and blue:




These extra belts help kids see their progression.

In Jiu Jitsu, black belts are rare and are not given out.  To earn a black belt, the average is 10-15 years of consistent, weekly training to earn. No 12 year old black belts in this art. Sorry, not sorry.

Is there a mat fee to visit the gym?

If it is your first time visiting the gym, its on us! If you are thinking of trying jiu jitsu out, please come check out a class at no cost.  If you are experienced and would like to train for a day, we won’t charge you a mat fee.  (If we feel folks are taking advantage of our generousity, we will be having a chat.)

If I train at Paul Tom’s can I train at Fat Snake?

We have a cross training agreement with Paul Tom.  If you are a member of Paul Tom’s Academy and are on automatic payments with him, you may supplement your training with us at no additional cost.